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Since the first caveman drew on a wall, drawings have played a part in our culture. They are used to communicate an idea or concept. Cartoons are an effective device for advertising because they are colorful and popular. Since they are entertaining they tend to leave prospects in a happy, receptive mood. Not only do cartoons get your message across but they also get and maintain audience attention. They make you and your offer stand out and in a world where we are exposed to hundreds of ads daily.

Anywhere you go in the world you will see cartoons being used in business. The cartoon art guy can create a custom, digital or even vector-based drawing for your business. We were all raised on cartoons and still find them captivating. Because after all - A PICTURE SAYS A THOUSAND WORDS!

Custom Cartoons

From branding your business to creating that one-of-a-kind personalized gift for your sweetheart, custom cartoons can set you apart from the pack. If you are struggling to get that idea for the perfect logo or cute character from your head onto the drawing board, then you need the Cartoon Art Guy. Let this cartoon artist create the perfect cartoon drawing for whatever event or project you are working on. I can create your custom drawing in any picture format.

Business Cartoons

For your business, custom cartoons are a great way to catch your customer's eye. Whether you want to add whimsy to your website, fun to your flyer or pizzazz to your presentation, my custom designs can help you create a brand that people will remember. But just because I am a cartoonist doesn't mean I won't take your project seriously. My designs, from clipart to custom logos, is a collaboration between the client and me to get the exact look you want for your newsletters, t-shirts, magazine articles or even greeting cards. If you need a professional, polished look or a design that will appeal to kids, I can design exactly what you are looking for.

Family and Special Occassion Cartoons

Trying to pick out that perfect gift for someone but have no idea what that could be? Just send me a picture of the person you want to honor and I can create a cartoon drawing or caricature that is sure to delight. Let me know what makes them special or their favorite activities and I can incorporate them into the drawing for that extra special personal touch. A wonderful present idea for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements or any occasion where you want your loved one to feel special. I can even create a custom drawing for cards for any holiday!

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